Your NeatNik - From Clutter To Clear
“I never thought that the daunting task of reorganizing my home and garden could be so easy and quick. In just a week, Teresa Miller helped me to efficiently reorganize the inside of the house such as closets, bedrooms and bathrooms along with the outside garden and terrace. I saw immediate results and now have extra time on my hands because all the clutter is gone!! I highly recommend her services to anyone, especially families."
J. Viale - Nice, France
"Teresa’s process for clutter control has changed my life. She starts with an honest identification of clutter (as many times we don’t see the clutter – we just feel it), followed by what I call a “robust re-setting of the baseline,” (that is, she introduces what is acceptable). Teresa does all of this very quickly, effortlessly, and in a non-threatening, proactive manner. Because she enjoys the process so much, she deconstructs the act of organizing and de-cluttering into something that is do-able.. and, dare I say it: almost fun!
Watching Teresa perform this process in my home transformed how I viewed clutter, but more importantly, how I will deal with it going forward. I am no longer afraid to face clutter in my living or work space. I have a methodology, thanks to Teresa, that enables me to quickly get to the core of the clutter and address it at its root cause."
S.P., Novato, California
"Last April, Teresa Miller came to visit me while my husband was in the hospital for knee replacement surgery. Teresa volunteered to help me rearrange furniture to make it easier for John when he was released from the hospital. She also deep cleaned my house with the vacuum hose. She got on her hands and knees to use the crevice tool to detail the corners of the carpeted rooms. She also helped me organize all my linens in my newly remodeled laundry room. She cleared obstacles from walkways that surrounded the exterior my house. This was so great because John used those walkways as part of his physical therapy exercises.
The best outcome from Teresa's help was the ripple effect it had on my friends and relatives. I was able to help my sister last month after her hospital release. She had a broken water pipe that flooded her house this winter and still had boxes of household items that needed to be unpacked. I remembered the hints and tricks Teresa had taught me while she was here, and I was able to accomplish a huge task by keeping focused and not getting side-tracked. (Teresa is a great role-model for us attention-deficit home-makers). I also motivated my son and daughter-in-law to remove 3 truck loads of boxes they had stored in my basement. They got it all sorted out and had a very successful garage sale this summer.
I feel that Teresa has a very talented gift of organizing and seeing the potential of a cluttered space. I forgot to mention that she also helped to clean and organize my art studio that is about 400 square feet. I hope she comes to visit again soon!!!"

Angela Freese, Estacada, Oregon
“Teresa was instrumental in ensuring a smooth, stress-free and very organized move for my family, a move involving the combination of two households into a new home. We hired Teresa and her co-worker to put our kitchen and dining room together which included unpacking, deciding where everything should go and what should stay (with our consent of course) as there were 2 of everything. Taking into consideration how I use a kitchen, they included me in decisions and worked fast and efficiently. With so many boxes (I think we had over 30 for the kitchen alone) to tend to I was overwhelmed with the project and hence decided to hire it out. I was so glad we did as it would have taken me forever to do this part of the move on my own. And after nearly 8 years of living in our home, I didn’t once think twice about the decisions they came up with of where to put our stuff. The placing of items in a kitchen is quite important and Teresa knows exactly  how to manage this. I would hire her in a heartbeat again for our next move.”
Stacy S., Novato, California
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